So as to get a better efciency from our plaster plates, we advise you to use Asvil Profile. In the plaster plates’ sticking process, we advise you to apply Asvil Gypsum Board.

• As it’s more resistant to water and humidity, compared to other plaster plates, its usage on wet surfaces, ceiling and top walls is appropriate. It shouldnt be exposed directly to water.

• Asvil Gypsum Board is used as separator wall over either surface of the metal carcass(on the walls that are not transporter) by screwing.

• In addition to its usage by screwing over the surface of metal carcass, it can also be used as equipped wall by pasting over construction wall.

• In suspended ceilings, it’s used over the metal carcass by screwing. Its transportation horizontally or vertically is problem-free and it’s light and flexible.

• It has got the high resistance against breaking during transportation.

• It saves time in constructions as its mounting is simple.

• Wallpaper can be upholstered over it as it’s appropriate to painting.

• Thanks to its feature, plaster plate balances the humidity in the atmosphere.