ASVIL ADHESIVE GYPSUM PLASTER: it is gypsum plaster whose freezing period is short and grip strength is high and used in adhesion of surfaces such as EPS, XPS plaster plate composite panels, brick, concrete, gross concrete, gas concrete, beams block etc.


• it is the most convenient product for direct bonding applications where volume loss requires minimization.

• it has an high adherence and its resistance increases rapidly after the setting.

• it does not cause mould, bacteria and fungus.

• it has an easy application with low waste rate.

Preparation of The Mortar

• The mortar must be prepared in a clean container with smooth surfaces. The conta iner must be free of any remains of previous applications.

• ASVIL Adhesive Gypsum Plaster. Put firstly water in a clean conta iner then sprinkle ASVIL Adhesive Gypsum Plaster until it covers the water surface.

• Wait a few minutes for submerging of surface plaster and mix with a mechanical mixer working at low speed until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.

• Do not add any water or plaster to the mortar after mixing. Otherwise lumps appear in the mix.

Method of application

• Dust and substances preventing adherence on the surface must be cleaned before application.

• The surfaces must be moisturized prior to application especially at high ambient temperature.

• The mortar application on the wall could be done by plaster shovel. Scrape off the residues after they set.

• Do not add any water or plaster to the mortar after mixing.

• Do not use ASVIL Adhesive Gypsum Plaster in temperatures below +5°C.

Storage Conditions

• Bags must be stored in dry places and should not be stacked in more than 18 layers.

• Direct contact with ground and moisture should be avoided.

• Use ASVIL Adhesive Gypsum Plaster within 3 months after production date. Over- long storage may deteriorate the physical properties of it.