ASVIL SATIN FINISHING GYPSUM PLASTER: it is under-paint top coat finishing plaster applied over plaster plates and plastered gypsums having high adhesive power.

Preparation of Application Surface

• The application surface must be cleaned of dust and substances preventing adherence prior to application.

• Special grain-size distribution, yields hard and smooth surfaces that gives a glass-like tine and shiny surface and thus provides a suitable base for applications of plastic or oil paints and wallpaper.

• it could easily be applied manually on surfaces such as concrete, brick, gas concrete, fair-faced concrete, pumice block, briquette etc. in order to establish a hard and smooth surfaces.

Preparation of The Mortar

• The mortar must be prepared in a clean container with smooth surfaces. The container must be free of any remains of previous applications.

• 6 – 7 .O lt. water is added to 1O kg ASVİL Satin Finishing Gypsum Plaster.

• Put water firstly in a clean container then sprinkle ASVİL Satin Finishing Gypsum Plaster until it covers the water surface.

• Wait a few minutes for submerging of surface plaster and mix with a mechanical mixer until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.

• Do not add any water or plaster to the mortar after mixing. Otherwise lumps appear in the mix.

• The mortar can be used for approximately 100 min.

Method of Application

• The thickness of the plaster layer could be between 1-2 mm.

• The mortar application on the wall could be done by steel trowel. Scrape off the residues after they set.

Storage Conditions

• Bags must be stored in dry places and should not be stacked in more than 18 layers.

• Direct contact with ground and moisture should be avoided.

• Use ASVİL Satin Finishing Gypsum Plaster within 3 months after production date. Over-long storage may deteriorate the physical properties of it.