Kardex Exterior Board

Kardex Exterior Board


Kardex is a mildew-proof outdoor coating board used in exterior wall manufacturing with its special core resistant to water and moisture and the mattress made of glass fiber covering both sides.


• It can be used in outdoor wall systems. It can be used under all kinds of metal coating, insulated printing, wood coating, decorative-brick coating. It can be used in space systems with ventilation.

• It can be used on wet surfaces and areas with water risk. It can be used under all kinds of outdoor coating materials such as metal coating, insulated printing, wood coating, decorative brick coating.

• It can be used in all fringe applications. It has low water absorption feature from the surface. Absorbs less than 5% (by weight) after 2 hours.

• It is 100% compatible with plasterboard systems in size. It allows working on 40 cm and 60 cm axles.

• Thanks to the external walls, if the exterior walls are built with outdoor systems, the desired upper values are provided in the energy performance class according to the chosen system.

• Besides its high moisture resistance, it prevents mold formation due to its anti-microbial properties.

• With its plaster core and non-flammable mattress, it is in the A1 non-combustible building materials class according to TS EN 13501-1. All use of non-combustible material in the fire regulation

• It can be used in areas and all designs that must be manufactured fire resistant.

• It has a steam permeable structure. In this way, it prevents the moisture inside the breathable places from being trapped. While increasing the life of the structure, it helps to create healthy living areas.

• the total water absorption value is less than 5%. In this way, it removes the water that contacts the surface by pushing and preserves the vapor permeability.

• Maintains its structural strength in sudden changes in temperature and humidity. KARDEX BOARD, which can maintain its dimensions in variable conditions; It also protects other elements of the system it is applied to.

• The systems created with KARDEX BOARD fully comply with the calculations of the building designed against earthquake due to their lightness. In addition, like all other dry building systems, it provides positive contribution to earthquake resistance thanks to its ductile structure.

• If applied indoors, it is equally valid for cantilever load capacities applicable to Gypsum Board Partition Wall Systems and it is possible to apply 25 kg / m2 ceramic on it.