ASVIL: XPS Sheets with Flat Surfaces: As a result of the processing of polystyrene raw material by estusion, the edge shape is produced with lamp overlay and the surface shape with flat-armored shape. ASVIL XPS: It has a high level of water impermeability with its flat-armored surface shape and eliminates heat bridges with its edge shape. Providing the maximum level of thermal insulation with its low thermal conductivity value, XPS does not disperse or crumble with its high compressive strength.


• XPS Sheets are used for terrace roofs, underground curtain walls, and foundation insulation in contact with the ground, due to their high compression strength and especially waterproofness.

• All kinds of exterior thermal insulation that does not require plaster and especially in siding application.

• Under floors, parquet.

• In hipped roofs, under the roof tiles and under the rafters.

• Sandwich on the walls.

• In floor heating systems.

• It is used in all kinds of prefabricated composite systems and double walls.

• Since it has high thermal insulation values, it is used in thinner thickness and saves workmanship and space.

• Do not expose to direct sunlight.

• It should be stored in a dry and cool environment.