Joint Filling Material (Gray)

Joint Filling Material (Gray)

Joint Filling Material is a joint filling material, includes mineral fillings, synthetic additives and special cementand has a standart and large application area options.


• It is used for as a filling material on external and internal places, vertical and horizontal grounds, and covering materials such as ceramic, faience, granite ceramic. natural stone, porcelain ceramic, marble vb.


• it is necessary to mix as it is required for the hardening of the materials that are used for adhering of the ceramic and faience. Thin surface has to be moistured by using wet sponge after cleaning very well. Mix 20 kg. Joint Filling Mortar with 6.5 lt. water in a container with a low speed mixer until a homogenous mixture without lumps is obtained. This mixture is left for settlement approximately for 5 minutes and by mixing again the mixture gets ready for using. it is applied by using rubber trowel. Joint filler are cleaned after 30-35 minutes dependig on environment temperature. Surface cleaning process has to be applied with sawdust or dry cloth/fabric.


• Joint intervals is purified from the dust, mortar lefts, ait and dirt. it is moistured with brush or sponge before filling.

• As it is a Cement basis material, the hands needs to be protected. Gloves have to be used.


• Shelf life is 8 months in 20 kg kraft bags stored in dry and cool place