ASVIL: EPS insulation boards are 50 cm x 100 cm in size. It is produced in blocks between 10 kg / m3 and 30 kg / m3. Since the plates are produced by cutting polystyrene blocks, they can be cut in desired dimensions outside the standard dimensions. These properties, on the other hand, give thermal insulation boards a product feature that can be used for multiple purposes.


• In thermal insulation of exterior walls (in jacketing)

• Under the application of Yali Printing (Siding)

• In the thermal insulation of inclined and terrace roofs and terrace gardens in buildings

• In the thermal insulation of overhangs in buildings

• Thermal insulation of ceilings in buildings

• Impact sound insulation in floating floors in buildings, thermal insulation of cold stores

• Dilatation joints

• Wet areas

• Do not expose to direct sunlight.

• It should be stored in a dry and cool environment.