Rock Wool

Rock Wool

ASVIL: Rockwool Coating Board is used for heat, sound insulation and fire safety especially in exterior insulation systems in accordance with TS EN 13500. Uses: It is used in plastered exterior insulation systems for heat, sound insulation and fire safety. ASVIL: Mantle Rock Wool Exterior Coating System; It provides reduction of thermal losses and gains, heat comfort, noise prevention, fire safety and condensation prevention.


• In thermal insulation of exterior walls (In Coating)

• Under the application of waterside printing (Siding)

• In the thermal insulation of inclined and terrace roofs and terrace gardens in buildings

• In the thermal insulation of the overhangs in buildings

• Thermal insulation of ceilings in buildings

• Heat of cold air tanks in the impact sound insulation of floating floors in buildings in isolation

• Dilatation joints

• Wet areas

• Do not expose to direct sunlight

• It should be stored in a dry and cool environment.