Thin Repair Mortar

Thin Repair Mortar

Repair Mortar is a thin repairing surface mortar, cement basis, thas has big dimensioned grains, increasing the stability of product and filling and making easy the processing, includes chemical additives and powder polimers.


• It is used for, Restoradon and alteration processes, repairing of the concrete and gross concrete elements, repairing of the front, ceiling and wall plasters, as a filling material under the ceramic covering, granite covering and special covering materials.


• The application surface has to be purified from any type of dust, dirt, oil etc. The surface must be prepared by removing nail, wedges etc. Mix 20 kg. Repair Mortar with 6.5 lt. water in a container with a low speed mixer until a homogenous mixture without lumps is obtained. This mixture is left tor settlement approximately for 5 minutes and by mixing again the mixture gets ready for using. İt is recommended that to use joint tape, net or rabis wire for the thickness more than 1O mm.


• Application surface has to be purified from the holding on preventing materials such as dust, painting, dirt.

• It there are scratehes on the area that will be application on it, The application is applied after the intervals between 5 mm and 10 mm are closed with joint tape.

• As it is a Cement basis material, the hands needs to be protected. Gloves have to be used.


• Shelf life is 10 months in 25 kg kraft bags stored in dry and cool place.