A Plus Ceramic And Tile Adhesive

A Plus Ceramic And Tile Adhesive

A Plus Ceramic and Tile Adhesive is cement based unicorn component, tile and ceramic adherence mortar with a veıy high strength and adherence feature and makes workmanship easier allowing a long working time.


• It is used to adhere coating materials such as tile and ceramic in interior and exterior places in horizontal and vertical way.


• It is important that excessive mortar on the surface must be removed. The surface must be free of any substance tike paint, oil and detergent that may prevent adherence. The cracks on the surface must be fixed with an appropriate and must be dampened.


• 25 kg. Asvil A Plus Ceramic and Tile Adhesive must be stirred up with 5-6 lt. clean water with a low speed mixer until no lump is available. After the prepared mortar is rested for 5 minutes, it is stirred again and the mixture must be used up within 2-3 hours. it must be applied 10-15 mm to the surface. it is adhered to the surface by scalloping and requiring the help of rubber mallet, and having a tile and ceramic balance. “Double sided adherence” method is recommended depending on the size of ceramic and tile and the smoothness of the floor.

• Avoid applying below +5° C and above +35° C. The frozen material must not be used after adding powder or water. Avoid application on flexible and moist floors.


• 25 kg craft bag 3-4 kg/ m2 • STORAGE: it must be stored in its original pack in moisture free environments on a pallet hoarding maximum 1O folded. Shelf life under apt storage is 12 months. it is recommended to be used up within 7 days after the bag is opened.


• it should not be touched with food products, leather, eye and mouth. in case it is swallowed accidentally or touch upon eyes, the person is advised to go to a doctor. in case of contact with skin, it must be washed with plenty of water.