A Plus Granite and Marble Adhesive

A Plus Granite and Marble Adhesive

A Plus Granite and Marble Adhesive; Cement based super exiable ceramic adhesive mortar, used for vertically adhering ceramic, granite and marbles, easy usable and applicable and in high stability.


• It is used, on external and internal places, on the ground of the lactory, on terrace, decorative covering and kotto applications.


• The application surface has to be prepared by controlling the application surface whether, in good condition, cleaned and balanced. If the temparature of the surface is more than +25° C, the surface has to be moistened. Mix 25 kg. Granite Adhesive with 6 lt. water in a container with a low speed mixer until a homogenous mixture without lumps is obtained. This mixture is left for settlement approximately for 5 minutes and by mixing again the mixture gets ready for using. Prepared mortar, is pulied to the surface by using comb then after granites and ceramics are spreaded by using rubber mallet.


• Application surface has to be puried from the holding on preventing materials such as dust, painting, dirt.

• Fluffy blisterr plasters have to be cleaned, holes and scratches repaired.

• The surface has to be moistured before application.

• Prepared mixture has to be consumed in 180 minutes.

• As it is a cement basis material, the hands needs to be protected. Gloves have to be used.


• Shelf life is 10 months in 25 kg kraft bags stored in dry and cool place