Decorative Mineral Plaster

Decorative Mineral Plaster

Long-lasting coating plaster developed particularly for interior and exterior walls, with high wearing strength, conceals the application defects, offers a decorative appearance, easy to prepare and use and with high bond strength. It can be painted with all kinds of paints (except for synthetic-solvent based paints).


• Used as coating plaster over fine, and thermal insulation plasters and such other structural components. Has high bonding stability. Creates on-slip surface and easy to use. Easily handled by oat.


• Check beforehand the firmness, water absorption and solidity of the surface where the product will be applied on. Fasten the voids and moving parts on the surface beforehand. Ensure that the surface to be covered is clean and free from dust, dirt, residues, grease and any other contamination.


• Pour 6-7 liters of water into the mixture container and slowly add adhesive over the water until a homogenous and consistent paste is obtained. Use a low speed mixer for mixing. Using a high speed mixer may inhibit obtaining a consistent paste. Wait 5 minutes for maturation and mix the mortar again; the mortar is ready to use. Prime the surface before starting to application and, after completion of drying of primer, apply the decorative plaster onto the surface by a steel trowel. Handle the surface by oat after 20-30 minutes depending on atmospheric conditions of the ambient. Make patterns (decoration) on the surface by making circular actions by the oat. The tools and equipments should be washed with plenty of water immediately after use. Never attempt to make bonding on the expired material and that should be cleaned from the surface. Hardened material in the container with completion of setting is unusable.


• Avoid application under temperature limits below +5°C and over +35°C.

• Ensure that the application surface is clean and free from dust, dirt, residues, grease and any other contamination.

• Mix the material by maximum 120 RPM mixer.

• Consume the prepared mortar within 2 hours of mixing.

• Avoid application under extreme hot and windy conditions; protect the surface from external factors by curtaining method.

• Do not absolutely make any inclusion (such as lime, sand, cement) other than water.

• Pay attention to water ratio in all mixtures and divide the bigger surfaces by protective tapes.

• Protect the surface from external factors (wind, wet and sunlight) during the application.

• The shelf life is preserved in unopened package in proper storing medium.