Self Leveling Screed

Self Leveling Screed

It is a cement based, polymer added, highly fluid, self leveling screed that can be applied between 3 – 7 mm and does not crack and create a fully flat surface.


• It is used in the interior floors of all buildings exposed to medium and heavy pedestrian traffic, where it is desired to form a suitable floor on the floor before the final coating, ceramic, parquet laminate and PVC. It is used for repairing and fixing damaged floors in old and new buildings. It provides a smooth surface by covering the gaps and roughness of the subfloor.


• The surface must be clean, dry, smooth and firm. Paint, plaster, concrete and adhesive residues, if any, must be scraped off. The surface must be cleaned from dust by sweeping. If any, regional defects should be repaired with Asvil Repair Mortar. The floor should be wet one day before the application. The substrate should be saturated with Transparent Floor Primer.

• The surface should be primed with a transparent primer without thinning at least 60 minutes before the leveling screed application.


• During the application, it should be ensured that the ambient temperature is between +5 ° C and +35 ° C. It should not be applied on the frozen, melting or frost surfaces within 24 hours. It should not be applied under direct sun or strong wind.


• It is applied in 3-7 mm thickness. It is applied quickly and easily. It spreads itself to the scale and removes the roughness of the subfloor. It can be applied on old concrete floors. It is economical. APPLICATION • 25 kg of Superficial Ground Leveling Screed average 6 – 6.5 lt. It should be added to clean water and mixed with a low speed hand mixer until it reaches a homogenous consistency. The mortar is left to rest for 5 minutes and mixed again for 1 – 2 minutes. The prepared mortar is poured on the floor and wiping must be done in order to fill the roughness on the surface. The leveling screed spreads itself. Its thickness should be adjusted with a trowel. The gas is removed by combing the hedgehog with a roller. It is necessary to roughen the ground by applying Asvil Gross Concrete Primer or hammering on very smooth surfaces.


• No materials (lime, cement, gypsum, etc.) should be added to the prepared mortar. Mortars that are past their usage should not be mixed with water or dry mortar and used again. It should not be applied on very hot or frozen surfaces exposed to the sun for a long time. For the durability of the product, the surface should be watered at certain intervals within 7 days after the application (if curing fluid is not used). Do not go beyond the specified application surface and instructions for use.

• Do not breathe, wash with plenty of water in case of eye contact, if necessary consult a doctor. Since it is a cement based material, gloves should be used during application. The packaged product should be stored in humid environments.

• Skin and eye contact should be avoided. Gloves must be used during storage and application.


• May irritate eyes, skin and respiratory system. Do not breathe dust, avoid contact with skin and eyes.

• In case of contact with the eyes, wash your eyes immediately with water and consult your doctor.

• Wear protective clothing and gloves during application.

• Keep out of the reach of children.